On posters

By Noa

Instead of continuing our previous printing format and layout—that of a 'typical' magazine—this time, we felt like exploring a new territory, one framed by the edges of giant tabloid-sized pages. The reason? A few.

One was the possibility of having a bunch of posters, which, at the same time, would solve be the real state for our sponsors: one ad, one cool poster. So ads are not ‘just’ ads, but something a bit more generous.

As always, this required some balance and give and take, where the brands were happy with the imagery and we were content with their level of radness—they needed to pass the “would someone stick it in their training room wall?” test.

While initially I had some more 'arthousy' ideas, I'm pretty pleased with the array—trad, boulder, sport, local and international. Maybe only missing a nice gym climbing shot?

The fun exception was Oatly, the least climbing-related sponsor of issue #3. They came on board pretty late, and their ad was so funny (please go read it) that we just went with whatever artwork they wanted to put forward. We needed to move.

Fun fact: early on, I had a clear vision of the posters I wished to have. One would feature Jake Bresnehan (because he is the epitome of psyche and motivation), and the other would feature one of those iconic images of Lynn Hill climbing The Nose in the 90s (a poster I really wanted when I was a teenager, but never found anywhere). The first is a reality; the second must wait some more—after a few contact attempts, I still haven't heard back from the author of those classic photos. Perhaps on issue 4? Keep dreaming... on the meantime, I printed my own A4 of it, together with Rafa Nadal and soon the Matildas.


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