“For many of us, climbing is at once a tiny and enormous part of our lives: ‘tiny’ in the sense that it makes up such a small percentage of what we actually do; ‘enormous’ in that it inevitably comes to inform so much of this other activity.

Some might call this obsession; I prefer to think of it in terms of refraction. And it’s precisely this—the opportunity to see the way that our diverse interests, passions, and stories are refracted through the lens of climbing (and vice versa)—that fascinates and excites me most about this project.

CLIMBERS is a passion project created by Angus Taylor and Ainhoa Martinez from Sydney, Australia.

Our goal—aside from having some fun while “flexing the creative muscles”—is to share all sorts of stories that reflect our sport’s people, culture, ideas and diverse ways of living beyond the crag or gym. Some may talk about climbing, some may not even mention it at all.
Our preferred medium is print but it’s sometimes also digital and IRL. All relentlessly pursue a highly considered aesthetic and feel.


The quote above is from our friend Alex Ling, and we think it articulates pretty well what’s this all about.