On conceptual inspiration

By Noa

There were 4 'items', for the lack of a better word, that remained with me (in the shamefully shaggy way you see here, above my desk area) during the creation of CLIMBERS issue #3.

The first is the philosophy outlined in the book 'Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect' by Will Guidara, former co-owner of the legendary restaurant Eleven Madison Park. The tagline is perhaps a bit cheesy or too business–guru-like, but it summarises quite well something I believe to be true: most times, people resonate with what's done with passion, care and honesty, going beyond 'ticking the box'.

The second is just a simple quote by Andrew Diprose, another indie publisher: "It's nice to do a nice thing." OK, maybe it doesn't make much sense on its own, but he said it in an interview about his latest magazine Superstore Wilderness (which was also a huge reference for us in terms of print size and vibe). It was a passion project that raised funds for local organisations, and what he meant was that even if the mag-making process took a lot of time and energy, the feeling of putting something beautiful and community-driven out there is simply something beautiful and heartwarming.

The third is some short notes I took from 'Zine' by Matt Klein (self-described as 𝓒ultural 𝓣heorist + 𝕯igital 𝓐nthropologist). "Unapologetically unscalable", "Unviral intentions". That's what, for me, the CLIMBERS magazine should be to be liberated from the pressures of the commercial and social media economy.

The fourth and last one it's a song ('Rueda, rueda') and a quote by a Spanish artist, María José Llergo. The song, I don't know, I just loved—it somehow represents a fusion of traditional styles with contemporary views. Later, I heard her saying in an interview: "I sing as if it was the last time I'll be listened to." Both concepts resonated; this mag should bring together the old and the new, and I should make it as if it was the last one it ever goes out there.


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